If you’re at this site it probably means that your son, daughter, friend or relative has chosen to be part of the unique experience that is Penn State Rugby. First, from all the coaches and staff, welcome to the team. We have put this webpage together to give you some background information on the game of rugby and the program at Penn State and to show how you can show your support for the teams throughout the season. You can get the latest news, and the schedule at the Current Team News page. To read our complete brochure for parents, click here

We also want to use this opportunity to extend a personal invitation for you to contact us if you have any questions about any aspects of the program. Please email Pete for the women’s team and Chris Amoratis for the men’s team.

Once again, welcome to the club. We look forward to another great season and the opportunity to meet you in person.

Student-Athlete Support
We recognize the challenges that players face when trying to balance school with playing a competitive sport and we do our best to help with with that challenge.

Academic Advisor Program
Penn State Rugby has initiated an academic advisor program for the rugby teams.

Medical Guidelines
Penn State Rugby has access to the University Athletic Trainers at all practices and at most games.

Codes of Conduct
Both the Men’s and Women’s Team will develop a code of conduct based on their goals for the season. The coaches also have a code of conduct.

Alumni Network
The experience that members of the Penn State Rugby Teams have will last them for the rest of their lives. The Penn State Rugby Alumni Association is organized as a non-profit and has over 1100 rugby alumni.

Alumni Mentoring
The Rugby Alumni Association works to have rugby alumni who are professionals available to advise current students as they begin to transition from University life to the real world.

Alumni Job Network
Penn State Rugby Alumni are very loyal, and will always look to rugby players first to fill vacancies.

Both the Mentoring and the Job Network are recent additions to the Alumni support network.

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